5 Reasons to Watch Exclusive ‘I Am Woman’ on Viu

I Am Woman (Feature Image)
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Society has always been male led – with managers, CEO-level and difficult job roles being male driven. They have also been perceived as making the right decisions at home and workspaces while being the heroes of society.

Well, think again. There are plenty of women in this world who are breaking that glass ceiling. They have the guts to get down and dirty with their dream careers.

Curious on what is this all about? In partnership with Prudential Malaysia, Viu brings you I Am Woman.

A 10-episode series I Am Woman follows 10 special women who knock down the traditional perceptions of male-dominated working culture. Here are 5 reasons why you need to watch I Am Woman.

Female role models of achieving dreams

The theme is about women pursuing their ‘dreams’ (#liveyourdreams). We believe that every woman wants to live the dreams. Even some of you want have different careers from other traditional job roles.

To make it happen, all of us need female role models to look up to. I Am Woman features 10 special women from various fields who will inspire and encourage you to make HUGE steps to greater heights!

Dominating at jobs thought to be male driven!

I am Woman Episode 1

Female race driver Leona Chin

Most of the tough jobs are handled by men because they are physically and mentally strong. But these women prove that wrong and that they can do way better than them!

The documentary features the first Malaysian female drifter Leona Chin drives fast cars across the tracks, veteran stuntwoman Puteri Kirana, master builder Esther Chin and many more. You will be amazed about how tough they are in their jobs.

Look at what it takes

I Am Woman - Esther Chit

Master builder Esther Chit

These women will take you to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of their everyday life in living their dreams. At their workspace, they talk about the ins and outs of handling various tasks. Also, they show their outstanding skills in action!

Watch as Leona Chin drifts fast across the tracks, as Puteri Kirana kicks butts on set and as Esther Chin builds homes for the community. There is plenty of action and excitement that will make you anticipate in watching more other special women in this series.

Up close and personal with the special women

I Am Woman - Kok Wai Lynn

Dodgeball athlete Kok Wai Lynn

The series also includes one-to-one interviews with these special women. They share their personal stories about how they pursue their dreams.

They have their first hands-on experiences in trying out something different and more challenging at a young age. From there, their passions were sparked and they decided to turn their passion into dream careers. They have been living their dreams ever since!

Listen to how they start from scratch and overcoming various obstacles to keep moving forward in every step they take to reach to their goals.

Representing women

In the interviews, they talk about whether they have set themselves as role models to other women. They share their thoughts on what makes them courageous to take on the challenging jobs.

Be inspired by how they dominate the world – breaking the glass ceiling and supporting gender equality in the working world.

These ten special women with the coolest jobs are inspirational female role models of reaching to greater heights – encouraging you to move forward and live your dreams.

Watch the exclusive I Am Woman series on Viu here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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