‘I Am Woman’ Episode 10 Recap

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For many, women aren’t seen to be warriors or physically strong individuals. Requiring men to fight for them. However, that perception has changed. Female mixed martial arts has been booming with many fighters challenging the stereotypes!

Ann Osman, the first MMA female fighter in Malaysia, is one of the women warriors you should look out for. She entered into the MMA scene in 2013 and had her first fight with Singaporean Sherilyn Lim at the ONE Championship.

In the final episode of I am Woman series, she shows Alia a couple of fighting and circuit training styles that she uses. Ann Osman also talks about her ups and downs as a female fighter in a male-dominated sport.

Different martial art styles

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Ann’s constant training in practicing the basics and different martial art styles – wrestling, muay Thai, boxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu – made her the skilful fighter she is today.

Both her and training partner Kei Ting teach host Alia a few basic moves – jab cross and kick (muay Thai style), Capoeira kicks, and boxing.

Struggles but perseveres in the MMA scene

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After a couple of months in training at a local gym and participating in amateur tournaments, she made her pro-debut at the ONE Championship. To keep herself going as a MMA fighter, she has to participate in the tournaments for MMA female fighters while getting sponsorships.

She speaks out about body-shaming and receiving negative comments about the way she fights and dresses. Despite that, with her support from her family and the public, she overcomes her fears and is an inspiration for many women. In five years’ time, she sees herself as a sports mentor who leads the next generation of female fighters.

Training and challenge

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Alia goes through an intense practice circuit – ground and pound, take down, kick, and punch – before sparring with Ann.

Watch the full video to find out how her training and her match against Ann Osman goes!

Ann Osman is a feisty lady who knows how to kick ass. One you have to see in action!

Let us know what you think about I am Woman series! Watch the full episodes of I am Woman on Viu here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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