6 Interesting Facts about Lee Seung-gi

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‘Triple-threat’ entertainer Lee Seung-gi – singer, actor, and host – has returned on the screens after he finished his military service last year in October. His dashing looks, angelic personality, and top-notch skills led him to be nominated and received awards at the major award ceremonies every year!

Looking back at his extraordinary talents, we highlight 6 interesting facts about Lee Seung-gi.

He is a self-centred turned kind-hearted prince charming

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Many viewers became huge fans of Lee Seung-gi after his drama debut as the leading actor in Brilliant Legacy. Most of the ladies choose him as their ideal man because of his heart-fluttering chemistry with actress Han Hyo-jo.

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He is also a prince charming who will whisk you off your feet, too! In King 2 Hearts, he plays as the South Korean crown prince who is engaged with a North Korean special agent (Ha Ji-won). For the country and his love, he does anything to protect them from harm.

He is definitely a dashing dream guy!

He has acted in the gumiho-related dramas

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He acts together with Shin Mi-a and Bae Suzy as the ‘gumiho (a nine-tailed fox spirit) and human’ couple in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Kangchi, The Beginning.

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In these dramas, he is in a relationship with a gumiho and acts as a gumiho. His physical fights and heartfelt dialogues show his strong emotional connection with the gumiho.

He lives up to his name as a ‘Ballad Prince’ by singing the dramas’ OSTs!

His strong bromance with actor Cha Seung-won

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Him and Cha Seung-won became close friends after they acted together for the first time in You’re All Surrounded. They play as detectives at the Gangnam Police Department. You will enjoy watching them bickering at each other and working side-by-side to catch the baddies.

Lee Seung-gi - Hwayugi

(Source: Soompi)

The amazing duo returns with their second acting collaboration in the latest drama A Korean Odyssey. This time they act as gods who fight against evil spirits in the human world.

You will be impressed by their love-and-hate relationship through enthusiastic quarrels and amusing action scenes.

He has travel far and wide in varieties

Lee Seung-gi - New Journey to the West

(Source: News 1 Korea)

He is one of the most popular travel variety stars who is loved by viewers of all ages. Together with Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, and Eun Ji-won, he has traveled around South Korea and China in 2 Days 1 Night and New Journey to the West.

His funny skits and talented skills are spot on. Being teased by his cast members is the most enjoyable part to watch. You will be laughing till your cheeks hurt.

His heart-to-heart experiences with celebrities

Lee Seung-gi - Strong Heart

(Source: Soompi)

He made his debut as a host in Strong Heart, a talk show where the celebrities share their personal stories in their work and life. In between, he performs a couple of ballads and entertaining performances.

Lee Seung-gi - All the Butlers

(Source: Soompi)

After his return from the military service, he wanted to host a variety show related to hanging out with the celebrities. So, that’s where All the Butlers comes in. With his co-hosts, they learn about the celebrities’ lives and inspiring stories by living together in their houses for a couple of days.

He made his big screen debut

Lee Seung-gi - Love Forecast

(Source: Soompi)

His dream to act in the big screen came true when director Park Jin-pyo offered him to be the leading actor of Love Forecast. He acts alongside actress Moon Chae-won whom he acted together with in Brilliant Legacy previously. He plays the best friend who does whatever he can to make her happy.

The film’s ‘some’ couple relationship (including the comfortable mood of holding hands and kisses) will make your heart melt.

Lee Seung-gi’s puts passion and commitment through portraying his characters with smiles and sensible emotions and being his true self in on-screen & off-screen brighten up everyone’s day.

What else do you know about Lee Seung-gi?

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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