8 K-Drama Foods that You Will Crave For

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K-drama food scenes are probably one of the reasons why K-drama fans love eating Korean food. The more you binge-watch K-drama characters eating Korean food deliciously, the more you want to binge on Korean food ASAP!

Here are 8 popular Korean foods that you often seen in dramas that you want to try this Raya! Warning: Your mouth will start to drool!

Ramyeon (or popularly known as Ramen)

K-drama Foods - Ramyeon

Ramyeon ‘kiss’ in Jugglers

Ramyeon is a universal food that comforts us anytime. You always seen the leading characters eat ramyeon from cups at the convenience stores or cook them in pots at home. There are different types of ramyeon to try – Spicy Ramyeon, Cheese Ramyeon, Jjapaghetti, Bibim Ramyeon, and more!

Hearing the slurping sounds will make your stomach call for the springy noodles with savoury soup.


K-Drama Foods - K-BBQ

Black Knight’s Soo-ho giving a love wrap for Hae-ra

People get together over Korean BBQ at their local favourite restaurants. Some also have their own BBQ party at home. You simply can’t resist the grill’s sizzling sound and delectable smell of juicy meat.

Imagine having the perfect wrap – a few pieces of grilled meat, raw garlic slices, kimchi, and gochujang (sweet and spicy chilli sauce) all wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves. One bite of it and you will feel the bountiful of flavours tingling in your mouth.

How about feeding each other with wraps? Your dream partner giving you the love wraps is even more romantic!


K-Drama Foods - Tteokbokki

Oh My Venus’s Joo-eun fills up her cravings for tteokbokki

Many K-drama characters can’t resist their love for tteokbokki, which is eaten at the street vendors and alley restaurants.

The rice cakes and fish cakes drenched in sweet and spicy sauce will make you savour it non-stop without putting your fork down. What’s makes it even more delicious is having the cheese on top!

Kimchi jjigae

K-Drama Foods - Kimchi Jjigae

A university student explains about how awesome the kimchi jjigae is to Hyun-ji

This mild spicy and savoury stew is a must-have comfort food to enjoy. K-drama characters have kimchi jjigae together with steamed rice and a couple of side dishes.

Filled with hearty ingredients including tofu and aged kimchi, it definitely warms you up especially on the chilly days.


K-Drama Foods - Kimbap

In Welcome to Waikiki, Seo-jin brings a love lunchbox filled with homemade kimbap to her boyfriend at the university library

The K-drama characters eat kimbap as snacks while on the go or having picnics at parks. They put almost any ingredient, including meat and vegetables, and wrap them up with seasoned rice and layered seaweed. It is so easy to make them, too!

In romantic dramas, many leading couples bring their homemade kimbap in pretty lunchboxes and feed each other adorably.

Doesn’t it look like a good idea to make these for your loved ones? It is also a fun activity to make them together!


K-Drama Foods - Bibimbap

Yoon-yi and Chi-won have bibimbap together at home after Sang-moo ruined their romantic dinner

Remember the scenes where the leading female characters mix various ingredients with gochujang sauce and rice in big bowls?

Dressed in sweatpants at home and being lazy, they make their own version of bibimbap without having too much work. Some of them drown their sorrows by eating their homemade bibimbap.

It looks very messy but the taste of bibimbap will make your worries go away.

Korean Fried Chicken

K-Drama Foods - Korean Fried Chicken

Weightlifting athlete Kim Bok-joo enjoys the crispy Korean fried chicken with her friends

It is not just any fried chicken. It is KOREAN fried chicken – crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

Either have the normal one, the sweet and spicy version, or have both as half-and-half. It is so tempting to watch as you hear the crispy sound of ‘oh so good’ fried chicken.

How you wish that you could have Korean fried chicken delivered to you ANYWHERE at ANYTIME just like in Korea.


K-Drama Foods - Jjajangmyeon

In Lawless Lawyer, Jae-yi shares jjajangmyeon with her father

Jjajangmyeon is one of the most popular takeaway dishes. Also, some K-drama characters have them after they moved into their new homes.

They mix jjangmyeon and slurp away till their bowls are empty. The chewy noodles with sweet and savoury black bean sauce will tickle your taste buds. You won’t stop slurping this delectable dish.

Tell us what your favourite Korean food is!

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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