4 Korean Horror Dramas You Should Watch During Halloween

Korean Horror - Black - Song Seung-hoon and Go Ara
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Halloween is happening on October 31. People are getting ready to decorate their homes, preparing candies for the kids, and dressing up as crazy Halloween characters. It’s also the best time to get into some seriously scary Korean dramas!

We know that no one does scary better than us Asians so here are the 4 Korean horror dramas to frighten you during Halloween!


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Black (Song Seung-heon), a possessed grim reaper, meets Ha-ram (Go Ara) who can see deadly spirits with her unconscious supernatural ability. Together, breaking Heaven’s rule, they save the people from being taken to death.

Get ready to be scared by unexpected surprises as the deadly spirits appear before your very eyes.


Cheo Yong

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Detective Cheo-yong (Oh Ji-ho) uses his supernatural ability to talk to spirits to solve mysterious deaths! In Season 1 & 2, follow his adventures with detective partner Ha Sun-woo (Oh Ji-eun) and female high school student (who is also a GHOST!) Han Na-young (Jun Hyo-seong).

Discover the secrets behind these mysterious deaths as you follow Na-young through grizzly crime scenes and creepy locales. Imagine yourself being in this Korean horror drama. Having your own supernatural powers to solve your problems by talking with the ghosts!

Vampire Detective

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Need more vampire in Korean horror? Good because we got another! Meet private investigator Yoon-san (Lee Joon) suddenly (well not just suddenly, we can’t tell you how…) becomes a vampire while solving a case. Watch him as he solves cases with his comrades Yong Goo-hyung (Oh Jung-se) and Han Gyeo-wool (Lee Se-young). All while uncovering the mystery behind his vampire transformation.

This is definitely something you need to watch with a balance of funny skits and action scenes in every case.

Save Me

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This Korean horror and thriller drama is REALLY scary and supernatural! Four young jobless guys run into a young girl at the dark alley…but it’s not what you think! She calls them for help because she’s trapped in a messed up cult. This series is adapted from popular webcomic Out of the World by Jo Geum-san.

You will be taken into a series of intense and horrifying events – involving a group of psychopaths.

You simply can’t go wrong with vampires, ghosts, and psychopaths that make you shiver in fear. A compilation of Korean horror dramas that excite you with full of scares, mysteries, and entertainment.

Enjoy watching the Korean horror dramas on Viu. Happy Halloween!

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