7 Survival Shows To See Your Next K-pop Idols

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Many up-and-coming K-pop groups and idols are formed through survival shows. These shows give participants the spotlight to showcase their talents to the public. With their outstanding live performances, the public and judges give their votes to those who deserve to have their debut as K-pop stars.

Watch how the trainees struggle to make their debut as K-pop idols in these 7 survival shows.

The Unit

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Rookie groups and failed idols are given the opportunity to shine by rebooting themselves as unit groups through The Unit. With the help of mentor corps (including global superstar Rain), 126 participants work hard to become one of the members of two unit groups (boy and girl).

Follow their journey on how they collaborate together in groups of nine to fight for their spot to be the next K-pop unit group member.

K-pop Star

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Major Korean entertainment agencies open auditions worldwide to search for the next K-pop stars. The winner will get a debut with their selected agency to join along with amazing prizes. Participants have to go through talent auditions, ranking audition, battle auditions, and team missions.

Here they showcase diverse talents such as singing, dancing, rapping, playing instruments and others. The selected top 10 will go to the finals (Stage Audition) to battle to debut as K-pop idols.

Discover their extraordinary talents and ups-and-downs of trainings and performances.

Produce 101

Survival Shows - Produce 101

(Source: Soompi)

K-pop girl group I.O.I and boy group Wanna One were formed through Produce 101. After the one year project, some of the members debuted as their respective entertainment companies’ idol groups.

The project-based unit groups are formed by selecting 101 trainees from different Korean entertainment companies. The unit group will perform four songs together for a year and a debut album. 11 participants for the unit group are chosen by the public. Throughout the show, based on the public’s votes, they are ranked and seated in the iconic pyramid with chairs.

Watch them perform classic K-pop groups’ debut songs as well as produced songs by famous composers. They also perform together based on positions including vocals, dance, and rap. This is where they build a lot of their early fan base.

Stray Kids

Survival Shows - Stray Kids

(Source: Soompi)

JYP Entertainment introduces new K-pop boy group Stray Kids in the survival show Stray Kids. In each episode of their debut journey, the boys are given missions to show why they deserve to be part of the group.

It is entertaining and emotional to watch them go through challenges and received honest feedback by their PD Park Jin-young. Look at how close their brotherhood is!

Be amazed by their debut song Hellavator (produced and choreographed by Stray Kids), the legendary battle with the YG Entertainment trainees, and their busking performance with YaYaYa in Sinchon.


Survival Shows - SIXTEEN

(Source: Soompi)

You are definitely one of TWICE fans’ if you watched Sixteen from the beginning!

Sixteen JYP trainees compete against each other to secure the spot to be the members of TWICE. They are not only judged on their singing and dancing skills but also their personality and charisma to win the viewers’ hearts. Based on their performances and missions, they are split into Major and Minor groups. Those who are in Minor group will have to battle to see who will survive and be eliminated.

Learn about how these girls went through upon debut as one of the most popular K-pop girl groups.

WIN: Who is Next

Survival Shows - WIN-WHO-IS-NEXT

(Source: Soompi)

Many WINNER and iKon fans remember that they made their first appearance in survival show WIN: Who is Next.

Here Team A and Team B of YG Entertainment trainees compete each other to win their opportunity to debut as the next YG boy group. With the help of their seniors’ guidance (including G-Dragon and Taeyang), the team go through missions in preparing shocking performances that will impress the viewers. The winning team is selected based on the highest number of public votes.

Mix & Match

Survival Shows - Mix and Match

(Source: Soompi)

After Team A won and debut as WINNER in WIN: Who is Next, Team B was given another chance to showcase their talent in Mix & Match. Alongside other YG Entertainment trainees, nine boys compete to become the member of a K-pop boy group iKon.

Based on their talents, the members are mix and match into different teams and perform to see if they are fit to be part of iKon. Although B.I., Bobby, and Jin Hwan are confirmed to be part of the iKon, see who are the other four members selected to be in the group.

There are plenty of mind-blowing performances, tears, and laughter as you watch the trainees paving their paths to stardom.

Tell us what are your favourite performances and scenes in these survival shows!

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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