4 Things to Know about Legal Investigative ‘Jibril’

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If you’re looking for an action series with a mind bending twist, our latest Viu Original Jibril is for you.

Directed by Megat Sharizal, Jibril is Malaysia’s first legal investigative series around a cat-and-mouse chase among lawyers, law enforcement, corporates, and terrorists.

What is the Jibril about?

Lawyer Jibril possesses exceptional intelligence, strikingly good-looks, and an uncanny power of deduction. He is called by Jonathan, the head of a new Police Technology Unit, to investigate the death of Nasir Fattah, South East Asia’s most prominent AI technologist. He also defends one of the suspects who might be involved in a series of murders and assassinations.

These tragic events occurred after the Machine Intelligence and Neural Network Design (MINND) Conference is threatened by rumours of terrorist involvement in Nasir Fattah’s death.

Jibril finds out about the involvement of a secret terror organization, Zerkala, and search of its elusive leader.

Who’s the director behind the camera?

Megat Sharizal has been pursuing his passion for arts in theatre since finishing his bachelors at MMU. He has been acting and directing on stage till later moving on to film and dramas.

He has directed six in theatre, six for telemovies, and three short films. Comedic skit Projek Disko Baldi, KL48hour film project, and Netflix’s Marco Polo are some of his works loved by the mass audiences.

In 2014, he co-founded local production house Playground Productions, a place where fresh ideas and visions come alive in stage, film, and drama. This production released an award-winning film Terbaik Dari Langit, starring as an actor and a producer for this film. It won the Best Film Award at the ASEAN Film Festival Awards.

A fan of investigation stories, he came up with Jibril, inspired by Sherlock. His objective in directing Jibril is depicting the current legal world in the world of Malaysian society. He hopes that Jibril will be one of the viewers’ most unforgettable drama characters to watch.

What about the cast and characters?

Jibril - Characters

From left to right: Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Aeril Zafrel, Lisa Surihani, Tony Eusoff

The suave and quirky lawyer Jibril is played by model and actor Aeril Zafrel (Cinta Fatamorgana, Zahir Tak Terucap, Akulah Balqis). Despite being diagnosed with autism, Jibril perceives and deduces beyond the average humans’ abilities. Not only looking good in his classy suit, Aeril will be showing his odd but captivating charms and intuition in cracking the case and putting the culprits behind bars.

Popular Malaysian celebrity Lisa Surihani (Wheely, Sinaran, Dendam Orang Mati) is Jibril’s antagonist, Mona, a successful business woman who is socially well-connected with similar cognitive abilities to Jibril’s. On the flip side, being delusional with absolute power, she wants to create and control a new Zerkala with technology. She sends an artificial intelligence after Jibril to stop him from getting in her way. Her malevolent aura seen through her acting will put you in a love-and-hate relationship with mastermind Mona while giving you a new perspective on Lisa as an actress.

Sangeeta Krishnasamy (Proksi, Adwiraku, Goa) acts as Jackie, a young and ambitious lawyer who has been assigned to assist Jibril on his case. She interprets Jibril’s odd approaches. Due to her knowledge about law in her university studies and her previous on-screen role as a deputy public prosecutor, she joins Jibril’s cast to further explore her own character’s role. She will be delivering a strong performance through portraying deep-thought scenarios in a male-dominated world.

Tony Eusoff (Marathon, Sindiket, Kelip-kelip di Kota London) acts as Jonathan who assists Jibril and Jackie in solving this complex case. With his leadership, he monitors their progress while being pressured by the government. Watch his subtle charisma and intense dialogue shine as he converses with his teammates and interrogates with the suspects.

Why you should watch Jibril?

A dynamic legal duo races against time in a ‘game of chess’ with Zerkala. Both of them have to put their heads together to figure out the clues and witnesses connected to the final target. What is Zerkala’s agenda? Who is the real mastermind behind Nasir Fattah’s death? Follow their tracks as they discover the truth about Zerkala and put a stop to more tragic events from happening.

This series will take on a mind-bending journey. Its storyline is filled with emotional realism where people strive their upmost best in the corporate and legal world. The intense interrogations and dialogues between the characters will put you on the edge of your seat. It is a ‘never-before-seen’ thriller that depicts the darker side of Malaysian society.

Jibril will be on air on 22 October 2018. Watch this thrilling series Media Prima’s ntv7 and Viu.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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