6 ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ Supporting Actors You Did Not Know About

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? has become one of the most talked-about K-drama series! It has achieved 10.6% which is their highest rating along with an average rating 8.5%. This romance series wouldn’t be successful without its supporting cast that amplify the storyline and pave way for the sweet couple Young-joon and Mi-so to really show their romance on screen.

Can’t get enough of the supporting casts’ charm? Here are interesting facts about the cast that you might not know about them.

Lee Tae-hwan

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Sung-yeon

K-actor idol group 5prise’s member, Lee Tae-hwan, plays as Young-joon’s brother, Sung-yeon, who is a popular novelist Morpheus. He is the main obstacle as he constantly tries to break Young-joon and Mi-so apart.

He had starred in many hit series and weekend dramas including My Golden Life, Father I’ll Take Care of You, W, and Come Back Mister.

That’s not all! He shows his dorky and responsible side in variety Living Together in an Empty Room – staying with Han Eun-jung and Block B’s P.O – and Law of the Jungle in Komodo.

Kang Ki-young

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Yoo-shik

Many viewers love Young-joon’s best friend, Yoo-sik, because of his hilarious lines, facial expressions, and gestures. His bromance with Young-joon through giving love advice make us laugh till we tear up. This funny gentleman is none other than Kang Ki-young.

You probably recognize him for playing many comedic roles in previous dramas including I’m Not a Robot, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, W, and Bring it on Ghost.

He is a full-on happy virus in many hit K-drama series including What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?.


What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Gwi-nam

Chansung is the K-pop beast idol group’s, 2PM, sexy maknae. To be more versatile in his career, he decided that acting would be something to focus on at the moment.

In the latest series that he is starred in, he plays Gwi-nam, a Yumyung Group employee who LOVES work. He may be handsome and smart but, outside of work, he just an arrogant bum who prefers to not to buy new things with his own money. He does whatever he takes when things are FREE.

He previously played charismatic roles in Queen for Seven Days, Suspicious Partner, and 7th Grade Civil Servant. Recently, he is taking his challenge as a musical actor in Smoke, depicting life of poet Yi-sang.

He puts in a lot of determination and immerses himself with his own characters that viewers could relate to.

Kang Hong-suk

What's Wrong Secretary Kim - Yang-cheol

Kang Hong-suk acts as Young-joon’s personal driver and bodyguard, Yang-cheol. He is timid but is kind to everyone around him including pretty Se-ra.

He played a couple of small roles in episode 13 of Welcome to Waikiki, Manhole, and Chicago Typewriter.

In What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, remember Yang-cheol sings his heart out till he leaves his colleagues in awe in episode 10? He is actually a musical actor! He sang Korean diva Uhm Jung-hwa’s D.I.S.C.O in Immortal Songs and Land of Lola in Radio Star. He is part of the main musical cast for Death Note and Hourglass where he plays the villain.

Pyo Ye-jin

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Ji-a

Rookie secretary Ji-a is played by Pyo Ye-jin. In this series, she is totally new in handling secretarial work but does her best to learn everything. One of the most enjoyable scenes to watch is her ‘love-and-hate’ relationship with Gwi-nam. You can’t help but laugh at her spiteful conversations with the handsome but arrogant guy.

She has played many supporting roles in diverse drama genres including Love Returns, Fight for My Way, The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, Doctors, and Marriage Contract. She made her first variety appearance in Running Man. With her enthusiastic energy, she was able to outrun her opponents and its main cast.

Did you know that she worked as a flight attendant before becoming an actress? When she was 19-years-old, this elegant lady was picked as Korean Air’s flight attendant. She was selected because of her bubbly personality. After working for a year and six months, she quit and decided to pursue in acting.

She has definitely made the right choice in becoming one of the most aspiring K-actresses.

Hwang Bo-ra

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Se-ra

Hwang Bo-ra has previously acted as the supporting actress in Love Rain, Arang and the Magistrate, and as a special guest actress in episode 3 of Entourage. She is known for her funny and ‘in your face’ personality which makes her unforgettable characters impressive.

She appears as one of Yumyung Group employee who loves to get attention and receives flattering comments from others. There are a couple of scenes that we can’t help but laugh – embarrassing herself in front of her colleagues when she’s drunk and her adorable flirts with her knight in shining armour, Yang-cheol.

An interesting fact about her is that she was a SM trainee back in her younger days. She was almost going to be one of the Girls Generation members but didn’t make the cut.

These amazing supporting actors definitely bring lots of warmth and laughter to What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?. We look forward to watching them shine in their next upcoming projects.

Watch the full episodes of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? on Viu here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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