5 Reasons to Watch Supernatural Romantic Comedy ‘Meloholic’

Meloholic K-drama
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We LOVE watching Korean romantic comedies! Plus we haven’t had a good one since Fight for My Way.

OCN drama Meloholic follows good-looking Eun-ho (U-knkow Yunho) who reads the minds of women when he touches their hands. It’s for this exact reason, that he doesn’t date women because their actions are not as true as their thoughts. One day, he meets Ye-ri and starts to fall in love with her because she is DIFFERENT from other women. He later finds out that this is probably because she has TWO different personalities!

So, mind reading and a split personality, you already have those 2 wacky elements but how else is Meloholic different from other Korean romantic comedies?

Here are 5 reasons why you MUST watch Meloholic.

Quirky and intriguing romantic scenes

Meloholic Romance

(Source: Soompi)

You simply can’t go wrong with cheesy and sensually funny romantic scenes! With cheeky sound effects and computer graphics, the scenes and dialogue are even MORE entertaining.

Laugh out loud with Eun-ho’s and his university professor Joo –seung’s (Choi Dae-chul) CRAZY love dreams and encounters with beautiful women. Be delighted with unforgettable scenes of Eun-ho and Ye-ri.

Reading women’s minds with a touch of their hands

Eun-ho ONLY touches the women’s hands to know what they are actually thinking. It started out being funny as he read amusing thoughts about people around them especially MEN.

Working as a university teaching assistant and a male students’ legendary hero, he discovers women’s serious thoughts and clues to the crime scenes (like the stalker who mysteriously left female victims in the bath tub DEAD).

He also foresees Ye-ri’s past and future encounters by reading her mind.

A superpower that you wish you WANT to have it!

Yun-ho’s return as the leading man

Meloholic Yunho

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In 2009, TVXQ U-know Yunho made his drama debut in No Limit as its main character. Now he is back to be the leading man in Meloholic to bring out his delightful charms (especially his SMILE and HONEY VOICE).

Acting as Eun-ho, he portrays Eun-ho’s supernatural power and relationship with Ye-ri’s two different personalities.

Kyung Soo-jin’s first portrayal of two Ye-ri’s characters

Meloholic Kyung Soo-jin

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You have probably seen Kyung Soo-jin as Song Shi-ho in Weightlifting Kim Bok-joo – portraying an up-and-coming gymnast who has a crush on Jung Joon-hyung. She conveyed a more serious and mild-emotional character.

In Meloholic, you will get to see how she acts out her two personalities: the soft-hearted, innocent girl and a foxy sexy lady. Totally different characters from the previous dramas that she acted in!

Follow innocent Ye-ri’s journey on learning about the sexy Ye-ri who appears unconsciously.

Blossoming relationship between Eun-ho and Ye-ri

Meloholic Relationship

(Source: Soompi)

Put a mind-reading handsome man and a woman with two different personalities together and you will see an amazing drama couple to fall in love with. Expect a couple of funny and romantic scenes of this lovely couple.

  • Which Ye-ri’s personality whom Eun-ho is going to be together with in the end?
  • Will Ye-ri be her innocent self or be a mysterious sexy lady?
  • Based on what Eun-ho sees in Ye-ri’s mind, how is Eun-ho going to save Ye-ri from being hurt?

This couple will make you binge-watch the whole series because you are curious to know how their relationship grows. Even the cliff hangers will make you itch to watch the next episode!

Meloholic will leave you with goosebumps, laughter and smiles. A GREAT storyline with dynamic characters – using superpower to read women’s minds AND being in a relationship with people who have different personalities.

Watch the full episodes of Meloholic here or Download the Viu app.

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