EXO Lay 5 Appearances on Chinese Screens That You Didn’t Know

EXO Lay (Acting)
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Pretty much any K-pop fan will know Lay (Chinese name: Zhang Yixing) as the only Chinese member in one of the most popular K-pop idol groups, EXO. He sings, dances, models, writes & produces songs, and even plays instruments but did you know that he is also an ACTOR?

In recent years, he made his big break as a solo entertainer in the Chinese market – He’s a regular cast in Chinese variety show Go Fighting! and has received many leading roles in films and TV series.

Where can you find this prince charming on screen? Check out these films and dramas to watch Lay in action.

Operation Love (2017)

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Lay shows a different side of himself taking on a serious role in Operation Love. He portrays Yan Xiaolai, a guy who regrets not confessing his love to his childhood friend, Ji Tiantian. In this show, Ji Tiantian is getting married to their teacher but thanks to an angel Xiaolai gets a second chance. He goes back in time to his high school days to change his past in hopes of being together with Ji Tiantian forever.

You will be amazed by his emotional acting (in the name of love) – making your heart flutter and sink on this rollercoaster ride of a drama.

Unexpected Love (2017)

EXO Lay - Unexpected Love

(Source: Officially KMusic)

As the member of EXO, he gets to showcase his capabilities as a singer & dancer together with his co-star and SM Family member, Krystal Jung, an f(x) girl group member. He plays a Chinese singer, Han Bing, who works together with a Korean dancer (Krystal). They slowly fall in love through song and dance.

See the budding chemistry between Lay & Krystal and their amazing talents in Unexpected Love.

Kungfu Yoga (2017)

EXO Lay - Kungfu Yoga

(Source: Koreaboo)

Lay was given the opportunity to act alongside Hollywood and martial arts superstar Jackie Chan in Kungfu Yoga. In it he is Xiaoguang, the young sidekick whom his team buddies can rely on (especially when they are kidnapped).

Watch him in action as he moves swiftly in stunts, fighting, and car chasing scenes.

The Mystic Nine (2016)

EXO Lay - The Mystic Nine

(Source: International Business Times)

Lay made his first drama debut in The Mystic Nine where he plays as Er Yuehong, an opera singer who has tomb raiding experience due to his family background as archaeologists. He joins the Mystic Nine Clan to solve the historical mysteries behind the mine outside Changsha.

Follow the adventures of Mystic Nine Clan as the mysteries slowly been discovered that there are links with their families’ histories and Japanese’s evil plot on Changsha.

Oh My God (2015)

EXO Lay - Oh My God

(Source: Koreaboo)

Lay appeared in Oh My God, directed by Leste Chan and produced by Zhang Ziyi, as the supporting actor. He acted as Chen Mo’s buddy, Le Yi who plays the ‘daddy’ in taking care of the baby.

His bright personality and cheerful smile in his ‘daddy’ adventures will tickle your feelings.

Lay is one of the up-and-coming actors to look out for. His prince charming looks and personality will definitely brighten up your day. As he continues to learn the ropes of acting in different genres, both drama and film, he is starting to take on serious roles like Operation Love and The Mystic Nine.

The latest news about Lay – he is the leading actor in the upcoming drama adaptation series The Golden Eyes. The filming is currently in progress and will be out in Spring 2018. We are absolutely excited to see it out on-screen next year.

What do you think of EXO Lay’s acting? Write to us in the comments.

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