9 J-Dramas for K-Drama Fans to Start Watching

J-dramas - Crazy For Me - 10 Episodes
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Now that you know how J-dramas are different from K-dramas. Here’s where you should start by following our compilation list of classics and recent hits.

Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012)

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Let’s ease you in with a romantic comedy. This one’s about a workplace romance between an unlikely pairing between the CEO and a new hire. Rich Man, Poor Woman got high scores for the chemistry between the leads.

MPD: Animal Unit (2017)

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If you love animals and adventures, MPD: Animal Unit is a ‘MUST SEE’ J-drama to watch.

An experienced detective is assigned to work at MPD: Animal Unit, a police department that solves cases related to animals and plants. He works with a young female police officer who loves animals more than people. They work together in clearing up the mysteries with the help of their animal friends.

It is exciting to see the working chemistry between a gentleman in his 40s and a young lady, with contrasting personalities.

Princess Jellyfish (2018)

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Discover the wonders of being an otaku club – a group of people who are obsessed with certain aspects of popular culture (or sometimes not so popular) – in Princess Jellyfish with the bubbly jellyfish otaku and her friends.

She lives together with her female housemates (who are all otakus!) in the heart of trendy Tokyo. While pursuing her dreams to become an illustrator, she is caught in an innocent love triangle between a crossdresser and his younger stepbrother.

Follow their wondrous adventures in discovering their true selves and learning to adapt to the outside world.

The Public Enemy (2017)

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Not keen on watching romantic comedies? How about one on how women break the glass ceiling? If yes, start watching The Public Enemy.

A woman in her 40s works as a city council member to support her family and doing what is right for the local community. In a male-dominated workplace, she starts from scratch by learning about the city council. She even looks up for the difficult words in her dictionary!

It is crazy that she takes on this role but she sure knows how she represents on behalf of women, children, youngsters, and elderly. This show has woman power all over it.

Great Teacher Onizuka (Ending soon on 31 March 2018)

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If you like school drama, try this one. Based on a manga, it’s a transformative tale of a gangster who became a high school teacher. This is a great drama to watch for its wholesome themes and for it’s humour.

Want more Great Teacher Onizuka? Watch GTO 2014 and specials on Viu.

Chef – Three Star School Lunch (2016)

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Don’t watch this on an empty stomach!

A talented head chef of a French restaurant is framed for a food-poisoning incident, causing her to be fired by her boss. She struggles in finding a job until she is offered to participate in a TV show with a twist – making school lunches for elementary school kids. She quickly learns that being a 3 star chef isn’t enough for the kids!

Thanks to her fiery passion for cooking she faces every challenge head on. It’s a great show filled with delicious food, funny characters, and a strong lead.

Switch Girl (2011)

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Love watching high school romantic comedies? Switch Girl is one of the most binge-worthy J-drama series to watch!

A beautiful high school girl is loved by other students but she has a secret – she switches off to a lazy and ugly girl at home. One day, she meets a handsome transfer student and falls in love with him. How will she balance her school look with her true self of being a slob?

This J-drama has plenty of love and laughter. These funny and romantic scenes remind you of your high school memories.

Everyone’s Getting Married (2017)

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If you are looking for slice-of-life J-dramas with romance, then watch Everyone’s Getting Married that explores the perceptions of being single and getting married.

A successful career woman wants to get married while a popular TV newscaster prefers to live a single life. Although they have different views in marriage, they fall in love and start dating. They question each other’s values and wonder whether they are meant to be together. Will they start a new chapter as a married couple?

It has a funny and relatable storyline that portrays the young adults’ experiences in single life and marriage.

Galileo (2007)

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Prepare yourself to watch this thriller filled with mysteries. A smart physicist, known as the crazy Galileo, solves different supernatural cases together with a female rookie detective.

The intriguing case findings and witnesses’ accounts, unravelled by a talented duo, will surprise you before your very eyes.

From romantic comedy to mystery thriller, there are plenty of J-dramas to binge-watch. Start exploring J-Dramas now! You won’t look back.

Entertain yourself with more J-dramas on Viu.

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