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Hi! Called me SA, a VIU writer whose main biases differ based on the drama she is currently watching. She's also an ARMY! She hooked up with unexpected plot twist movies and Korean dramas. Reply 1988 and Moon Lovers are two of her all-time favorite dramas! Even after watching it numerous times, but she still can't get over it.

Preview The Escape of The Seven: Resurrection Episode 8: Lee Yoo Bi Pertanyakan Lee Joon yang Tak Selamatkan Ibunya

    Pada preview The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection episode 8, reuni Han Mo Ne dan Min Do Hyuk. Do [...]

By |2024-04-20T01:44:24+07:00April 20th, 2024|News|0 Comments

Sinopsis 2 Days 1 Night Season 4 Episode 221: Tantangan Mencari Para Idola di Paviliun KBS, Tempat Syuting Music Bank!

    Sinopsis 2 Days 1 Night Season 4 episode 221, para anggota berkumpul di lokasi pembukan baru, paviliun KBS, tempat [...]

By |2024-04-18T23:22:46+07:00April 19th, 2024|News|0 Comments
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